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Shout Outz

Latin King Family
God please care for this family as your family of these saints, give the strength among us all to help each other until no end is amplify. Our kings by our race in multitude and fill us with joy that only you can give, thanks be to God.
Amor De Rey

Mortal Warrior
I am a (Latin King / Latin Queen) in every moment. Protecting my crown with all my life, it is my sacrifice in every mission to be readily available until death rendering my heart of thee I ask our heavenly father forgive my sins and free my soul.
Amor De Rey

Our Father
Our father King of Kings, you can have my heart at your will and let your sun shine upon our colors as your sun shines upon the earth.
Amor De Rey

Prayer for Deceased
Receive this soul, Our heavenly father as you recieve our body in life, we share this love of our grief and with his love we will follow. God bless you.
Amor De Rey

Have Mercy
Have mercy our father on our enemy, Open the door that he may be my friend. If he acts right, I will be decent if he acts bad he soon shall repent, give me your blessing.
Amor De Rey

Our name are as our father named us, we are yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Almighty father, King of Kings, hear us as we come to you in one mind, body and soul. In true Wisdom, Respect, Knowledge, and Understanding, bless our chief as one as they are and always been. Bless our warriors that they maybe strong in war and also in peace. Bless the nation of the Almighty Latin Kings for we realize that you are the best and wise of all seeing eyes. For we are and shall always remain your chosen people of the lion tribe, the sun tribe and the most holy tribe under the sun, At prayers we stand upright with our right fist across our heart up to 360 strong of kings wisdom / queen wisdom, we are and always remain your chosen people, we are yesterday, today, and tomorrow, Latin people forever
Amor De Rey

If you have some different prayers email me and I'll post them