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Laws and Rules

Shout Outz

No king will swing or hurt another king without proper authorization. (proper authorization will be that of all officers, after investigation)

One meeting per week, usually Saturday or Sunday. One meeting for officers only! The other with swords, upon officer request, swords will guard, guards are required at all times.

Kings must stay together, at least walk in two's

Extortion is out! Homo's are out! Shooting up is out! Smoking drugs is out! Smoking drugs from a pipe is out unless it's weed or hash!

Disrespecting a Kings wife or mistress is out! Gambling is out! Playing and joking is out! No putting no god, family, religion before the nation!

Black and gold jackets or sweaters and vice/versa.

Dues (1) pack, one each commissary and ect...if possible.

Writing to you brother in the nation:

When you write to someone in the nation always use black ink, only!
Use a different color ink if your in a situation where you can't, then you write with what ever you have, giving your brother your apology.
When starting a scrib, start it like this:

I come to you with my right fist upon my heart, for sincerity, right up to 360 of strong king wisdom for: Respect, Honesty, Unity, Knowledge and Love, Boom! (Amor De Rey).

When ending your scibe you end it like this:

I'm signing off with my right fist upon my heart for sincerity, right up to 360 degrees of strong king wisdom, Boom!
Amor De Rey