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Almighty Latin King Nation

Shout Outz

Puerto Rico Flag has to do alot with our nation
  Red-The Blood
  White- The Peace
  Blue-Liberty/The Ocean
1)Puerto Rico
5)Dominica Republic
The Puerto Rican Flag is respected as if it was your crown, because your crown represents your nation. This flag represents the majority of the "Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation."

The Body- The entire physical structure, the whole frame which is 360 complete, respect your body and treat it well for its this body that walks you through the nation. a Kings body is his armor and protector of the heart and soul.
The Heart- Is the central force of your body and nation. The heart gives life to you body as it protects your nation.
The Soul- Is your being of expressing a deep feeling. The life and spirit of your nation.
The Nation- People organized under a single government and race. "Latinos" we are brothers who came together to form a nation of respect, knowledge, honesty, unity and love... (Amor De Rey)
Violation: is a justice given by the first crown for abusing or breaking a law of your chapter or a action that does not represent a "king".( A violation can be a hit or a fine)
Probation: is a period of no less then two weeks and no more then two months instead of a hit or a fine a brother can be put on probation or get it all.
 1st Crown(Primera Corona): (President of the Chapter) His word is law and dominant over every word or proposal mentioned. Leader and organizer of the serving chapter.
 2nd Crown(Secunda Corona): (Vice President of the Chapter). His word is law and dominant over every word or proposal mentioned except for the Primers Corna.
Warlord: Minister of Defense and between opposing outsiders and insiders. Keeps record of all defense materials and enemy opposers.
   I rather die on my feet
   then to live on my knees...

Latin Kings will do their best to learn their heritage & culture.
A king is the foundation of his family he must provide structure & order plus build & multiply
Education expands the capacity of a kings knowledge forever.
Understanding of one's knowledge and actual application forever.
Respect is the appreciation of one's knowledge & understanding forever.
Four members of the executive board will make & see to it's implementation of all decisions concerning the governing of our residing chapter.
The 1st crown will lead the nation & the executive board. His word is law and shall always be respected.
SunKing / Godfather - A position of knowledge. A supreme king counsel.
Supreme King - leads more than one chapter. He leads & governs all 1st crown.
Ancient King is a brother who has moved on or is inactive. A king with many years of knowledge.
A king will fast for 2 days, 24 times a year. The 2 days will be on the 11th & 12th of every month. L&K are the 11th & 12th letters of the alphabet, the fast will start at dawn & end at dusk.
A king shall give offering to his nation.
A prince/prospect will be sponsored by a king, who has learned the lesson.
Any king who violates the crown or nation will be severely penalized by the brother or executive board.
A king will never be alone, a king is blood, family and of the nation!
A king blood is sacred, it will live forever, the blood that flows through his heart is the river of life that keeps the nation 360 strong!!